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Player Top 50 Stats

Yahoo College Football

Yahoo’s take on all things college football (primarily FBS but access to some FCS info by team)

Football Schedules

Incredible single site providing access to all FBS schedules, including Bowl games and colorful helmet schedules

Catherwood Rating System

Blog provides ratings to all Division 1 teams with weekly predictions to game outcomes, including predicted scores (FBS & FCS)

Prediction Tracker

Site tracks NCAA FBS game predictions of over 50 different systems and prognosticators (doesn’t include any games involving FCS teams))

Massey Ranking Comparisons

Weekly comparison of anyone who provides rankings of college football teams (FBS & FCS)

NCAA Football Statistics

The official source for any and all college football stats (while this link leads to FBS, there is easy access to FCS as well)

Football Outsiders

While their focus is on the NFL, they also have a unique look at college stats (FBS only)


Dah-dah-dah dah-dah-dah! (Primary emphasis is on FBS, but also covers FCS teams and scores)

CBS Sports

College football coverage (FBS only)