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Week 10 – It gets really interesting from here on out! had 5 players break the 100-point barrier last weekend, with Gators (Public League 9) taking top honors with 111 points (68 O, 24 D and 19 ST). Midget Pimp (OCCU 2nd-Year League), who led all scorers last week, “only” settled for 2nd-place this week with 109 points. Lets Go ‘Neers (PL 13) had 107 points, KokosSooners (PL 12) got 103 and Panthers (PL 14) had 102 to round out the Top-5. Our Top-8 were each from different leagues, which points out the diversity of drafting and add/drops as the season progresses.

Southern Eagles continues to lead overall scoring with 877 points through 10 weeks. Eagles has 530 O points to go along with 213 D and 134 ST to claim that top spot. Take yo lunch is right behind with 875 points and Panthers has moved up to third at 864. Gators (589 points) is the only other player higher than my 836 points for Commish’s Team. I might add that I have 4 teams in various leagues, and my overall H2H record is 31-1, with my lone defeat coming this past weekend in PL 7 at the hands of Southern Eagles. It wasn’t even close. I made bad choices, left a lot of points on the bench, and just wasn’t very competitive, losing 67-37. Perhaps we’ll meet again in the championship game.

Looking at team units, Oklahoma led the O units with 72 points. Being the only team with 8 TDs and over 700 yards offset 3 interceptions to gain the top spot. Baylor’s prolific O was second with 68 points (10 above their season-high average), and was the highest-scoring O that had no turnovers and allowed no sacks. Notre Dame’s O tied with Ohio State for 3rd, each scoring 60 fantasy points. Only Georgia State’s O was in the negative, with -8 points on a mere 62 total yards, 3 turnovers and 4 sacks allowed. OUCH!

UTEP’s D had another great week, scoring 36 points. They allowed 14 points, but scored 2 TDs themselves as well as snagging 5 turnovers, sacking the opposing QB twice and forcing 7 punts. NC State (now there’s a team I never thought I’d mention as a D leader this year) scored 33 defensive fantasy points and Iowa and Temple tied with 30. Temple’s D scored again last weekend. That’s 50 points they’ve scored this year. The Owls also forced East Carolina into coughing up 5 fumbles. The Washington Husky D has scored 42 points and no one else is over 30. Wisconsin (28 D points) and Appalachian State (27) scored the only shutouts last weekend. Kansas surrendered 60 points to Baylor and was dead last with -9 points. Others on the minus side of zero were Illinois (-5) Georgia State (-4), Pittsburgh (-4), Duke (-3), Iowa State (-2), and Miami (O), Navy and Western Kentucky each with -1.  Temple’s D continues to lead the ppg average with 24. Utah St, Mississippi and Clemson are all tied at 22 ppg, ad Ohio State, TCU and Louisville are tied with 21 ppg.

The Memphis Tigers Special Teams unit was rather special last week, scoring 22 points to lead the schools in that category. 4 PATs and 4 FGs (3 of them over 45 yards) actually created 23 ST points, but they missed one kick to drop a point off the final tally. Kansas State’s ST unit scored 21 fantasy points and Baylor was tied with Louisiana Tech and Penn State for third at 19. Utah’s ST unit dropped off slightly with 13 points last week, but still leads FBS with an average of 15 ppg.

There were 23 FGs made that were over 45 yards in length, and Memphis and Penn State’s kickers made 3 apiece. 5 kicks were returned for TDs, 56 FGs or PATs were missed and 8 fumbles were lost while returning kicks.

Duke, Georgia, Northern Illinois and Rice have all turned over the ball just 5 times offensively, while New Mexico State gives the ball away like Halloween candy, a prodigious 26 times so far. That’s essentially 3 times per game.

Maryland and Duke both have kickers who have not missed yet this season. 46 PATs and FGs without a whiff. Iowa State (34 kicks) and Wake Forest (22) are the only other teams with perfect kickers. SMU is the only team with a kicker making under 70% of his attempts, being 9 of 13 for 69.2%.

Mississippi and Louisville lead the nation with 18 interceptions each. 6 teams have only 2 INTs thus far. Temple leads the country in fumble recoveries with 16, while Oklahoma State is the lone team without any.

47 teams have already likely punched their ticket to one of the plethora of bowl games as they have won 6 or more games (NCAA requires a .500 record to be bowl eligible) (well, NCAA recommends, as they have granted waivers for a sub-.500 team from time-to-time). That list will grow as 22 more teams have 5 wins and need a victory this week to get their “golden ticket”.  With 38 bowl games (including the 2 playoff semi-finals), that allows for 76 teams. On the other side of the ledger, there are 14 teams that know their last game of the regular season will be their last game this year. Washington St, Colorado, UNLV, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Eastern Michigan, New Mexico St, Miami (O), Tulsa, Kent St, Idaho, Troy, Georgia St and SMU are all on that unfortunate list. 18 more teams are a loss away from joining the group. Likely to lose this week (and their opponent) are: Vanderbilt (Florida), Purdue (Wisconsin), Southern Mississippi (Marshall), Wake Forest (Clemson) and Tulane (Houston). Either Old Dominion or Florida International will get a 7th loss, as they play each other. Same with Iowa State and Kansas. Ditto North Texas and Florida Atlantic as well as Army and UConn. We look at the teams vying for a College Football Playoff berth and refer to their upcoming games against each other as “elimination games”. Meanwhile, on the underside of the FBS, real elimination games are going on as well.

Over the next 4 weeks, we will learn the names of 4 teams who will make up the first FBS Championship Playoff. We’ll see a lot of great football, some wild finishes and some heartbreaking turns of events. Enjoy the ride, and I’ll be writing about it again next week!

The Commish

Week 9 – Points Galore!

Points, points and more points! Offenses went on the offensive last week and D1FFL players benefitted from the point explosion. Midget Pimps from OCCU’s 2nd-Year League led fantasy scorers with a whopping 115 points. MP rode TCU’s 89 O points as far as they could go, then added 20 D points and 6 ST points for the week’s win. Panthers (PL 14) was the only other player above 100 points with 111. Gators came close, claiming the third spot with 99 points.

The Top-3 overall scorers didn’t change last week, as Southern Eagles (810 points), take yo lunch (781) and Commish’s Team (773) continue to lead the way. We’re starting to see some Second-Chance League people climb into the Top-50, as Reverse Mortgage Guy (37th) and Midget Pimps (42nd), both of the OCCU 2nd-Year League, get some points moving to overtake some who have had 4 more weeks to amass points. Han Soloists continues to lead in the O scoring category with 506 points scored by his O unit. That’s almost 73% of his total point output coming from the O unit. Take yo lunch has the most points from a D unit with 221. 28.2% of this total points, for those keeping track. Southern Eagles is flying high due in no small part to his ST play. With 121 ST points, it’s “only” 14.9% of his total points, but that’s what’s keeping him in the #1 spot.

The aforementioned TCU Offense unit scored those 89 fantasy points, just barely edging out Georgia Southern’s 86. Both units scored 10 TDs. TCU gained a slight edge by outgaining GaSou 785-660 in total yards but gave some back with 2 sacks to none by the Eagles. Auburn, finishing the week in 10th place with 58 O points, was the only other team joining Georgia Southern with no turnovers or sacks. Syracuse’s O managed to lose their owners 4 points on a fairly bad day, but UTSA eclipsed that with a whopping -5 points on no TDs and only 70 yards total offense! Toss in 2 turnovers and 3 sacks, and that’ll get you less-than-nowhere.

Baylor, who was idle last week, stays atop the season-long O list, averaging 57 fantasy points per game. A log jam stands in second place, as TCU, Georgia Southern, Oregon and Marshall are each averaging 53 points per game. Michigan State (52) is the only other unit above 50 ppg. The might Mustangs of SMU are finally getting on a roll. While still a far cry from the Pony Express days, they are at least averaging on the positive side at 3 ppg.

UTEP (the team responsible for UTSA’s misery last week) led the FBS with 34 D points last week. They allowed no points, returned a turnover for a TD and was the sole unit forcing double-digit punts (11) in addition to all the bad things I already mentioned that befell UTSA. Arizona State was second on the D unit tally with 33 points and Western Michigan was third with 29. Texas Tech, who gave up that barrage of points to TCU, was stone cold last in the D standings with -14 points. Georgia State had a D that scored -12 points for that not-so-coveted next-to-last spot. 7 other teams also scored in the minus on D. Of the 9 teams on the negative side of 0, only 3 forced their opponents to punt more than twice.

Mississippi continues to lead the list of average D points per game, with 24. Just a smidge ahead of Temple’s 23 ppg, and that’s with Temple scoring another D TD (the Owls now have scored 44 points by their D unit. SMU’s offense has only scored 49 points!). SMU’s D is still just averaging zero points per game.

TCU’s Special Teams unit scored 26 points to lead the pack last week. You might expect it with 10 PATs to account for, but then add in 4 FGs (without a miss): 1 form inside the 30, 3 from 30-45 yards and one from 46+. Arizona’s ST unit snagged honorable mention with 22 points, thanks mostly to 2 kicks returned for TDs. Ohio’s ST unit was the lone group below zero with -1. 3 PTAs to the good, but 2 missed kicks and a fumble lost on a return consigns the unit to the briny deep.

Utah’s ST unit continues to lead the FBS for the season, averaging 15 points per game. That average has dropped lately from over 18, but that only shows how good these guys are! TCU and West Virginia tie for second overall, averaging 13 ppg. SMU and Eastern Michigan are tied at the bottom as co-cellar dwellers, averaging a mere 2 points per game.

Let’s look at Pittsburgh for a moment. The Pitt Panthers lost 6 fumbles last weekend. 5 in 5 possessions IN THE FIRST QUARTER! That tied an obscure NCAA record held by East Carolina (vs Louisiana-Lafayette in 1980) and San Diego State (vs California in 1982). At least Pitt can say they hold the record this century. Prior to last weekend’s disaster, Pitt had only lost 3 fumbles on offense (plus 2 on ST) for the season. After this weekend, a full 76 teams had offenses that had not yet lost 6 fumbles for the entire year. If you were to even toss in fumbles lost by Special Teams, 70 teams still have lost fewer than 6 in 2014. Pitt’s first 4 fumbles led directly to Georgia Tech TDs. Pitt’s fumbles came at the end of: a 9-yard run to the Pitt 38, a 74-yard scamper to the Ga Tech 1, a 7-yard loss to the Pitt 14, an 11-yard pass completion to the Pitt 36 and a rush for no gain at the Pitt 30. Fumble 5 times in a row, and fall behind 28-0 right off the pat. That’s the Pitts.

Other notables after 10 weeks: Oregon leads all O units with 48 TDs (and their D unit has yet to score a point). Marshall has amassed 4570 total yards, while Wake Forest has only 1708. Oregon has thrown just 1 interception…New Mexico State is handing them out like candy with 16 thus far. Louisville’s O has lost 12 fumbles (and Eastern Michigan has lot 14 between O and ST units), while Northwestern has lost no fumbles. None. SMU has allowed 36 sacks so far. Duke (who attempts 37 passes per game) and Georgia Southern (12.6 passes per game) each have allowed 3.

Defensively, Mississippi’s D unit has surrendered just 76 points thus far this season. Texas Tech’s D gave up 82 last week. The Rebels have recovered 17 fumbles this year, while Wyoming’s D has yet to find the handle on one. Michigan State’s D has picked off 13 passes. Oklahoma State and West Virginia have none each. Eastern Michigan leads the country with 5 blocked kicks. Their D has given up 299 points, so a lot of practice against PATs is what I’m guessing. Utah’s D has recorded 37 sacks. New Mexico State has just 2 sacks. SMU’s Defense has forced just 18 punts (3 per game) while Clemson’s D has forced opponents to punt 74 times (more than 9 times per game).

The Utah ST unit has returned 4 kicks for TDs. Oregon’s ST unit has scored 3 2-points conversions. Ball State leads the country with 21 FGs made – Illinois, just 2. Kickers are making an average of 89.2% of their kicks. On the high end are 5 schools at 100%; Florida State (off 45 attempts), Maryland (42), Duke (39), Iowa State (32) and Wake Forest (22). On the low end are UNLV (making 75.8% of 33 tries), Boston College (75% of 40 tries), Tulane and Kent State (73.1% of 26 attempts) and SMU (69.2% of 13 attempts).

That’s a look at the Week 9 numbers. No one will be paying any attention after about 7 PM Tuesday when the Selection Committee releases its first rankings, but I appreciate anyone who’s been reading!

The Commish

College Football: What to take away from Week 8

Week 8 found several more undefeated teams going down. How are things in your leagues? Probably down to a few who are unbeaten in each league as well. Super kudos go out to Down & Dirty from Public League 15, who led all scorers with 111 points in Week 8. D&D did it with a strong Offense (either Michigan St or Alabama) of 71 points and Defense that got 33 fantasy points (that would be Mississippi, by the way), and 7 points tossed in by his Special Teams. Niners (OCCU 2nd-Year League) slipped into second place with 105 points. These two were the only ones in D1FFL who scored 100 or more points. Macedonia! (PL 15) was in third place with 95 points and 4 were tied next at 93.

Southern Eagles (PL 7) took over sole control of the top spot after 8 weeks with a total of 731 points (435 O, 181 D and 115 ST). Han Soloists had been tied with Southern, but had a very bad week and dropped to 8th. Take yo lunch moved up from 6th to 2nd with another strong showing, and now as amassed 687 points. I’m breathing down yo’s neck as my Commish’s Team (PL 15) stands third at 686. Despite his bad week, Han Soloists (PL 11) still has the most O points with 462. Take yo lunch remains the highest scoring D unit picker with 194 points and Southern Eagles leads take yo lunch in ST points by 3, 115-112. Everyone else has under 100 ST points.

Alabama rolled and Michigan State crushed, each claiming 71 O points to lead the offensive charge last week. USC was third with 65 O unit points, followed by Ohio St (63), North Carolina (62) and Northern Illinois (60). The top 3 teams each scored 8 TDs and TCU led with 676 total yards. I have to go all the way down to Nebraska (13th in O points last week) to find a unit that didn’t turn the ball over or give up a sack. Tow SEC teams, Tennessee (-8 points) and Texas A&M (-2) were the only teams whose O units failed to at least break even. Heck, even SMU’s O managed to get 0 points instead of going negative.

Baylor’s points-per-game average continues to drop, but they still lead with 57 offensive fantasy ppg. Michigan State’s stock is still rising, and they now stand 2nd, averaging 54 ppg. Marshall (53) is next, then Oregon (52), followed by Ohio St and East Carolina (50 each). SMU’s O unit averages a mere 2 points per game.

Baylor’s scoring machine got slowed down last week, but they have still scored 45 TDs to lead FBS. Michigan St (43), Marshall (42), Oregon (41) and Texas A&M (40) are next in line. Vanderbilt has only scored 9 TDs this year on Offense, but that’s better than Wake Forest (8), Connecticut (6), and SME, shoes O unit has only scored 4 TDs all season. That’s a bad half for Baylor! Oregon is the lone team that has not thrown an interception this year, while New Mexico State has tossed 16 of them. Louisville has fumbled the ball away 12 times, but Nevada and Northwestern have not lost a fumble to date. Georgia Southern and Duke have allowed an FBS low of 3 QB sacks, but SMY has given up 34 of them. That’s a lot of horizontal time for a QB!

Defensively, Week 8 was Missouri’s high time, scoring 41 D points to lead the way. The Tigers gave up 13 points, scored 2 defensive TDs, picked off 3 passes, recovered 3 fumbles, blocked a kick, recorded 5 sacks and forced 5 punts. Syracuse’s D was second with 34 points and Mississippi’s D was third with 33.


Let me acknowledge Missouri for a moment. In their 42-13 clobbering of Florida (which comes just a week after getting shellacked by Georgia, 34-0), the Tigers scored a TD offensively, returned a kickoff for a TD, returned a punt for a TD, returned an interception for a TD and returned a fumble for a TD. They also kicked a couple field goals 4 PATs AND scored on a 2-point conversion. They only failed to get a safety, score a TD passing, and return a blocked kick for a TD. That’s points coming at you from pretty much every angle!

Miami (OH) and Texas A&M both had D units that underperformed last week, scoring -5 fantasy points each. Rutgers (-4), Indiana (-2), Western Kentucky (-2) Troy (-1) and Washington (-1) also failed to at least hit zero points. Ole Miss (or, Mississippi, as I prefer to call them) took over the spot as the top D unit, averaging 25 fantasy points per game. Temple dropped into the #2 slot with a 24 ppg average, and TCU stands in third at 23.

Mississippi has given up the fewest points (66) and Bowling Green has given up the most (289), but on a per game basis, there’s no beating it’s Mississippi (9.3) and SMU (46.0) that are the bookends of the FBS. Louisville and Mississippi share the lead with 15 INTs each, while Wyoming has yet to pick off a pass this year. Florida International has recovered a leading 12 fumbles, but West Virginia, Oklahoma State and Michigan have yet to lose the handle and the ball to an opponent. Buffalo, Rutgers and Northwestern have all blocked 4 kicks. Utah has recorded a leading 35 sacks. New Mexico State would take until 2025 to get that many, based upon the 2 they have gotten so far. Clemson has forced 65 opposing punts, while UTEP has only managed to get their foes to punt 16 times.

Missouri’s ST unit led the FBS to go along well with the Tiger’s D unit, scoring 25 fantasy points. LSU was second at 18 points, and Ball St had 17. Utah’s ST unit “only” scored 15 points last week, but still lead FBS by averaging 17 points per game (down 1 from their prior average). West Virginia has moved into second spot with an average of 14 points per game, and OK State’s Cowboys rustle up 13 ppg to stand in third place.

Oregon and Nevada lead the country with 3 2-point conversions. Utah leads with 6 FGs made of over 45 yards. The Utes also lead the country with 4 kick returns for TDs. At this point in the season, there have only been 40 fumbles lost on kick returns (I know, ST coaches would say that’s a ridiculous number), but no team has lost more than 3. Boston College and Utah State kickers have missed 9 FG or PAT attempts to lead the country in that dubious category. 6 teams (Duke, Florida St, Georgia St, Iowa St, Maryland and Wake Forest) have kickers who have not yet missed. An average team has missed just under 4 kicks so far, or about 1 every-other game.

I’ll break down more numbers next week. In the meantime, enjoy the games that start on Tuesday and continue on Thursday and Friday as well as Saturday. The leaves are turning, and we’ll be seeing some nasty weather affecting games before much longer. There are few things more enjoyable than raking leaves on a crisp October afternoon while listening to your favorite team play on the radio. Have fun!

The Commish