Week 9 – Points Galore!

Points, points and more points! Offenses went on the offensive last week and D1FFL players benefitted from the point explosion. Midget Pimps from OCCU’s 2nd-Year League led fantasy scorers with a whopping 115 points. MP rode TCU’s 89 O points as far as they could go, then added 20 D points and 6 ST points for the week’s win. Panthers (PL 14) was the only other player above 100 points with 111. Gators came close, claiming the third spot with 99 points.

The Top-3 overall scorers didn’t change last week, as Southern Eagles (810 points), take yo lunch (781) and Commish’s Team (773) continue to lead the way. We’re starting to see some Second-Chance League people climb into the Top-50, as Reverse Mortgage Guy (37th) and Midget Pimps (42nd), both of the OCCU 2nd-Year League, get some points moving to overtake some who have had 4 more weeks to amass points. Han Soloists continues to lead in the O scoring category with 506 points scored by his O unit. That’s almost 73% of his total point output coming from the O unit. Take yo lunch has the most points from a D unit with 221. 28.2% of this total points, for those keeping track. Southern Eagles is flying high due in no small part to his ST play. With 121 ST points, it’s “only” 14.9% of his total points, but that’s what’s keeping him in the #1 spot.

The aforementioned TCU Offense unit scored those 89 fantasy points, just barely edging out Georgia Southern’s 86. Both units scored 10 TDs. TCU gained a slight edge by outgaining GaSou 785-660 in total yards but gave some back with 2 sacks to none by the Eagles. Auburn, finishing the week in 10th place with 58 O points, was the only other team joining Georgia Southern with no turnovers or sacks. Syracuse’s O managed to lose their owners 4 points on a fairly bad day, but UTSA eclipsed that with a whopping -5 points on no TDs and only 70 yards total offense! Toss in 2 turnovers and 3 sacks, and that’ll get you less-than-nowhere.

Baylor, who was idle last week, stays atop the season-long O list, averaging 57 fantasy points per game. A log jam stands in second place, as TCU, Georgia Southern, Oregon and Marshall are each averaging 53 points per game. Michigan State (52) is the only other unit above 50 ppg. The might Mustangs of SMU are finally getting on a roll. While still a far cry from the Pony Express days, they are at least averaging on the positive side at 3 ppg.

UTEP (the team responsible for UTSA’s misery last week) led the FBS with 34 D points last week. They allowed no points, returned a turnover for a TD and was the sole unit forcing double-digit punts (11) in addition to all the bad things I already mentioned that befell UTSA. Arizona State was second on the D unit tally with 33 points and Western Michigan was third with 29. Texas Tech, who gave up that barrage of points to TCU, was stone cold last in the D standings with -14 points. Georgia State had a D that scored -12 points for that not-so-coveted next-to-last spot. 7 other teams also scored in the minus on D. Of the 9 teams on the negative side of 0, only 3 forced their opponents to punt more than twice.

Mississippi continues to lead the list of average D points per game, with 24. Just a smidge ahead of Temple’s 23 ppg, and that’s with Temple scoring another D TD (the Owls now have scored 44 points by their D unit. SMU’s offense has only scored 49 points!). SMU’s D is still just averaging zero points per game.

TCU’s Special Teams unit scored 26 points to lead the pack last week. You might expect it with 10 PATs to account for, but then add in 4 FGs (without a miss): 1 form inside the 30, 3 from 30-45 yards and one from 46+. Arizona’s ST unit snagged honorable mention with 22 points, thanks mostly to 2 kicks returned for TDs. Ohio’s ST unit was the lone group below zero with -1. 3 PTAs to the good, but 2 missed kicks and a fumble lost on a return consigns the unit to the briny deep.

Utah’s ST unit continues to lead the FBS for the season, averaging 15 points per game. That average has dropped lately from over 18, but that only shows how good these guys are! TCU and West Virginia tie for second overall, averaging 13 ppg. SMU and Eastern Michigan are tied at the bottom as co-cellar dwellers, averaging a mere 2 points per game.

Let’s look at Pittsburgh for a moment. The Pitt Panthers lost 6 fumbles last weekend. 5 in 5 possessions IN THE FIRST QUARTER! That tied an obscure NCAA record held by East Carolina (vs Louisiana-Lafayette in 1980) and San Diego State (vs California in 1982). At least Pitt can say they hold the record this century. Prior to last weekend’s disaster, Pitt had only lost 3 fumbles on offense (plus 2 on ST) for the season. After this weekend, a full 76 teams had offenses that had not yet lost 6 fumbles for the entire year. If you were to even toss in fumbles lost by Special Teams, 70 teams still have lost fewer than 6 in 2014. Pitt’s first 4 fumbles led directly to Georgia Tech TDs. Pitt’s fumbles came at the end of: a 9-yard run to the Pitt 38, a 74-yard scamper to the Ga Tech 1, a 7-yard loss to the Pitt 14, an 11-yard pass completion to the Pitt 36 and a rush for no gain at the Pitt 30. Fumble 5 times in a row, and fall behind 28-0 right off the pat. That’s the Pitts.

Other notables after 10 weeks: Oregon leads all O units with 48 TDs (and their D unit has yet to score a point). Marshall has amassed 4570 total yards, while Wake Forest has only 1708. Oregon has thrown just 1 interception…New Mexico State is handing them out like candy with 16 thus far. Louisville’s O has lost 12 fumbles (and Eastern Michigan has lot 14 between O and ST units), while Northwestern has lost no fumbles. None. SMU has allowed 36 sacks so far. Duke (who attempts 37 passes per game) and Georgia Southern (12.6 passes per game) each have allowed 3.

Defensively, Mississippi’s D unit has surrendered just 76 points thus far this season. Texas Tech’s D gave up 82 last week. The Rebels have recovered 17 fumbles this year, while Wyoming’s D has yet to find the handle on one. Michigan State’s D has picked off 13 passes. Oklahoma State and West Virginia have none each. Eastern Michigan leads the country with 5 blocked kicks. Their D has given up 299 points, so a lot of practice against PATs is what I’m guessing. Utah’s D has recorded 37 sacks. New Mexico State has just 2 sacks. SMU’s Defense has forced just 18 punts (3 per game) while Clemson’s D has forced opponents to punt 74 times (more than 9 times per game).

The Utah ST unit has returned 4 kicks for TDs. Oregon’s ST unit has scored 3 2-points conversions. Ball State leads the country with 21 FGs made – Illinois, just 2. Kickers are making an average of 89.2% of their kicks. On the high end are 5 schools at 100%; Florida State (off 45 attempts), Maryland (42), Duke (39), Iowa State (32) and Wake Forest (22). On the low end are UNLV (making 75.8% of 33 tries), Boston College (75% of 40 tries), Tulane and Kent State (73.1% of 26 attempts) and SMU (69.2% of 13 attempts).

That’s a look at the Week 9 numbers. No one will be paying any attention after about 7 PM Tuesday when the Selection Committee releases its first rankings, but I appreciate anyone who’s been reading!

The Commish

College Football: What to take away from Week 8

Week 8 found several more undefeated teams going down. How are things in your leagues? Probably down to a few who are unbeaten in each league as well. Super kudos go out to Down & Dirty from Public League 15, who led all scorers with 111 points in Week 8. D&D did it with a strong Offense (either Michigan St or Alabama) of 71 points and Defense that got 33 fantasy points (that would be Mississippi, by the way), and 7 points tossed in by his Special Teams. Niners (OCCU 2nd-Year League) slipped into second place with 105 points. These two were the only ones in D1FFL who scored 100 or more points. Macedonia! (PL 15) was in third place with 95 points and 4 were tied next at 93.

Southern Eagles (PL 7) took over sole control of the top spot after 8 weeks with a total of 731 points (435 O, 181 D and 115 ST). Han Soloists had been tied with Southern, but had a very bad week and dropped to 8th. Take yo lunch moved up from 6th to 2nd with another strong showing, and now as amassed 687 points. I’m breathing down yo’s neck as my Commish’s Team (PL 15) stands third at 686. Despite his bad week, Han Soloists (PL 11) still has the most O points with 462. Take yo lunch remains the highest scoring D unit picker with 194 points and Southern Eagles leads take yo lunch in ST points by 3, 115-112. Everyone else has under 100 ST points.

Alabama rolled and Michigan State crushed, each claiming 71 O points to lead the offensive charge last week. USC was third with 65 O unit points, followed by Ohio St (63), North Carolina (62) and Northern Illinois (60). The top 3 teams each scored 8 TDs and TCU led with 676 total yards. I have to go all the way down to Nebraska (13th in O points last week) to find a unit that didn’t turn the ball over or give up a sack. Tow SEC teams, Tennessee (-8 points) and Texas A&M (-2) were the only teams whose O units failed to at least break even. Heck, even SMU’s O managed to get 0 points instead of going negative.

Baylor’s points-per-game average continues to drop, but they still lead with 57 offensive fantasy ppg. Michigan State’s stock is still rising, and they now stand 2nd, averaging 54 ppg. Marshall (53) is next, then Oregon (52), followed by Ohio St and East Carolina (50 each). SMU’s O unit averages a mere 2 points per game.

Baylor’s scoring machine got slowed down last week, but they have still scored 45 TDs to lead FBS. Michigan St (43), Marshall (42), Oregon (41) and Texas A&M (40) are next in line. Vanderbilt has only scored 9 TDs this year on Offense, but that’s better than Wake Forest (8), Connecticut (6), and SME, shoes O unit has only scored 4 TDs all season. That’s a bad half for Baylor! Oregon is the lone team that has not thrown an interception this year, while New Mexico State has tossed 16 of them. Louisville has fumbled the ball away 12 times, but Nevada and Northwestern have not lost a fumble to date. Georgia Southern and Duke have allowed an FBS low of 3 QB sacks, but SMY has given up 34 of them. That’s a lot of horizontal time for a QB!

Defensively, Week 8 was Missouri’s high time, scoring 41 D points to lead the way. The Tigers gave up 13 points, scored 2 defensive TDs, picked off 3 passes, recovered 3 fumbles, blocked a kick, recorded 5 sacks and forced 5 punts. Syracuse’s D was second with 34 points and Mississippi’s D was third with 33.


Let me acknowledge Missouri for a moment. In their 42-13 clobbering of Florida (which comes just a week after getting shellacked by Georgia, 34-0), the Tigers scored a TD offensively, returned a kickoff for a TD, returned a punt for a TD, returned an interception for a TD and returned a fumble for a TD. They also kicked a couple field goals 4 PATs AND scored on a 2-point conversion. They only failed to get a safety, score a TD passing, and return a blocked kick for a TD. That’s points coming at you from pretty much every angle!

Miami (OH) and Texas A&M both had D units that underperformed last week, scoring -5 fantasy points each. Rutgers (-4), Indiana (-2), Western Kentucky (-2) Troy (-1) and Washington (-1) also failed to at least hit zero points. Ole Miss (or, Mississippi, as I prefer to call them) took over the spot as the top D unit, averaging 25 fantasy points per game. Temple dropped into the #2 slot with a 24 ppg average, and TCU stands in third at 23.

Mississippi has given up the fewest points (66) and Bowling Green has given up the most (289), but on a per game basis, there’s no beating it’s Mississippi (9.3) and SMU (46.0) that are the bookends of the FBS. Louisville and Mississippi share the lead with 15 INTs each, while Wyoming has yet to pick off a pass this year. Florida International has recovered a leading 12 fumbles, but West Virginia, Oklahoma State and Michigan have yet to lose the handle and the ball to an opponent. Buffalo, Rutgers and Northwestern have all blocked 4 kicks. Utah has recorded a leading 35 sacks. New Mexico State would take until 2025 to get that many, based upon the 2 they have gotten so far. Clemson has forced 65 opposing punts, while UTEP has only managed to get their foes to punt 16 times.

Missouri’s ST unit led the FBS to go along well with the Tiger’s D unit, scoring 25 fantasy points. LSU was second at 18 points, and Ball St had 17. Utah’s ST unit “only” scored 15 points last week, but still lead FBS by averaging 17 points per game (down 1 from their prior average). West Virginia has moved into second spot with an average of 14 points per game, and OK State’s Cowboys rustle up 13 ppg to stand in third place.

Oregon and Nevada lead the country with 3 2-point conversions. Utah leads with 6 FGs made of over 45 yards. The Utes also lead the country with 4 kick returns for TDs. At this point in the season, there have only been 40 fumbles lost on kick returns (I know, ST coaches would say that’s a ridiculous number), but no team has lost more than 3. Boston College and Utah State kickers have missed 9 FG or PAT attempts to lead the country in that dubious category. 6 teams (Duke, Florida St, Georgia St, Iowa St, Maryland and Wake Forest) have kickers who have not yet missed. An average team has missed just under 4 kicks so far, or about 1 every-other game.

I’ll break down more numbers next week. In the meantime, enjoy the games that start on Tuesday and continue on Thursday and Friday as well as Saturday. The leaves are turning, and we’ll be seeing some nasty weather affecting games before much longer. There are few things more enjoyable than raking leaves on a crisp October afternoon while listening to your favorite team play on the radio. Have fun!

The Commish

How the NCAA screws up their own statistics!

The NCAA keeps track of statistics. Lots of them. 46 categories for teams, and another 38 for individuals. Of the team statistical categories, Scoring Offense and Scoring Defense are among the ones quoted most often. And yet, the NCAA is doing it wrong!
Remember in Week 1, how the UCLA Bruins defeated Virginia28-20? UCLA’s defense scored 18 of those points on 2 pick-6’s and a fumble recovery returned for a TD. Those 18 points were attributed to UCLA’s offense and charged against Virginia’s defense. Unfortunately, neither of those two units were even on the field.
After Week 1, UCLA’s offense showed up in the Scoring Offense category as 28 points per game, and the Virginia defense was saddled with allowing 28 points per game. That number in each case should have been 10. Because the NCAA does not separate out points scored by a defense, one gets a skewed view of rankings when looking at the NCAA’s own statistics.
Granted, in one game over a complete season, the difference of a safety scored by a defense will not make a huge impact on either statistical category. If the NCAA were to create a new category for Defensive Scoring, and remove those points form the Scoring Offense category, it would clarify team unit standings.
For instance, Temple’s defense has scored 6 TDs and a safety through 7 weeks of the season. These 38 points are currently accounted for in the Scoring Offense statistics. Temple is averaging 38.2 points per game through 5 played games, and stands 21st in the country. If those 38 points were not included in the Owls’ offensive scoring, the average would only be 30.6 points per game, and Temple would be 61st in the category. That is a significant difference.
Look at the effect those points made to the teams Temple scored on. In Week 1, the Owl defense got a pick-6 against Vanderbilt. Vandy stands 99th in Scoring Defense with 34.0 points allowed per game. Remove those 6, and Vandy would be 33.1 ppg and 95th in the standings. Week 2 saw Temple’s Defense score again against Navy. The Midshipmen are allowing 27.1 points per game, currently 74th. The corrected numbers would be 26.3 ppg and 70th. Delaware State saw Temple’s D score 12 points in Week 4. Delaware St, an FCS team, is currently 72nd in Scoring Defense, allowing 29.4 points per game. However, with that dozen points removed from the Hornet defense’s responsibility, Delaware St allows 27.7 ppg, which if more like 63rd in the rankings. Finally, Temple scored 2 TDs and a safety against UConn (T67th in pts allowed at 25.7). Those numbers would be 23.3 ppg allowed, and standing 52nd in FBS.
That is looking at just one team’s effect on the stats. 86 college football teams have defensive units that have scored points so far this season. 38 teams have defenses that have scored 10 or more points. 20 defensive units are over 15 points and 11 are at 20 points or more. This different method of accounting for points scored would make an impact in both the Scoring Offense and Scoring Defense categories as well as giving statisticians one more means of measuring the effectiveness of a team’s defensive unit.
For instance, the Top-10 in Defensive Scoring (the obvious choice for the new statistical category) would consist of:
1. Temple 38 7.6 pts/game
2. Washington 30 5.0
T3. Mississippi 24 4.0
T3. Kentucky 24 4.0
T3. UCLA 24 4.0
T3. North Texas 24 4.0
T7. Clemson 22 3.7
T7. Florida International 26 3.7
9. Vanderbilt 24 3.4
10. Oklahoma 20 3.3

Since I know the NCAA loves to use the points-per-game view of things, I arranged the teams accordingly. I personally feel that just listing defenses by total points scored would be sufficient.

Next a look at Scoring Defense, first as currently defined by the NCAA and then by the new standard of not including as points against and points scored by opposing defenses. Listed below are the Top-10 and the Bottom-10.

1.  Stanford                         10.0                     1.  Stanford                  9.0
2.  Mississippi                     11.8                      2.  Mississippi   10.5
3.  Louisville                        14.1                    3 Louisville       12.4
4.  Temple                           14.4                     4.  Temple                    13.2
5.   Penn St                          15.2                    5.  Penn St                   13.8
6.   Alabama                        15.3                      6.  Alabama                   14.3
7.   Duke                               15.5                  7.  Notre Dame               15.2
T8. Notre Dame                   17.2                  8.  Duke                      15.5
T8. Marshall                        17.2                      T9. Iowa                      17.2
10. Akron                             17.3                    T9. Marshall               17.2
116.  Troy                             38.7                        116. California                                    37.8

117. California                    38.8                        117. Bowling Green                         38.0

118. Idaho                           39.2                        118. Troy                                              38.7

119. Texas Tech                39.5                        119. Tulsa                                            38.8

120. Eastern Michigan    40.2                        T120. Eastern Michigan                  39.2

121. Cincinnati                   40.8                        T120. Texas Tech                              39.2

122. Tulsa                            41.2                        T120. Cincinnati                                 39.2

123. Georgia St                  41.7                        T123. Georgia St                               39.7

124. North Carolina         43.3                        T123. North Carolina                       39.7

125. SMU                             49.4                        125. SMU                                             48.2


The rankings aren’t all that much different, but the adjusted numbers in the right columns do more accurately reflect the ability of that team’s defense to stop scoring.

Then, listed below are 2 sets of columns. The first is the current NCAA Scoring Offense Top-10 and Bottom-10. Next to it is the adjusted scoring to only show points scored by offenses and special teams – in other words, points scored against and actual defense.

1.  Baylor                              52.7                                        1. Baylor                                         51.7

2. Marshall                          47.8                                        2. Marshall                                        46.8

3. TCU                                   45.8                                        3. Michigan St                                44.5

4. Michigan St                    45.5                                        4. Oregon                                            43.3

5. Ohio St                             44.6                                        5. Texas A&M                                    43.0

6. Texas A&M                    43.9                                        6. California                                        42.8

7. Oregon                            43.3                                        7. TCU                                             42.2

8. Georgia                           43.2                                        8. Ohio St                                      41.8

9. Western Kentucky      43.0                                        9. Georgia                                           41.2

10. California                      42.8                                        T10. Arizona St    & Kansas St           40.8


116. Wyoming                   18.3                                        116. Wyoming                                   17.3

117. Ohio                             18.1                                        117. USF                                       17.0

118. Vanderbilt                 17.6                                        118. Louisiana-Monroe                  16.5

119. Louisiana-Monroe  17.5                                        119. Kansas                                         15.8

120. Kansas                         15.8                                        120. Eastern Michigan                    14.2

121. Wake Forest             15.7                                        121. Vanderbilt                                 13.9

122. Eastern Michigan    15.2                                        122. Wake Forest                             12.7

123. Connecticut              12.8                                        T123. Connecticut                            11.8

124. Kent St                        11.8                                        T123. Kent St                                11.8

125. SMU                               7.2                                        125. SMU                                       7.2


TCU’s offense, while potent, would drop from 3rd to 7th when you don’t count the points scored by the defense. Oregon’s offense moves up from 7th to 4th and California gains 4 spots (from 10th to 6th) because neither team has to account for any defensive scoring.  Ohio disappears from the Bottom-10 while USF drops to 117th after removing the influence of the 12 points scored by their defense.

This is something that the NCAA should address, and soon. However, I’m not holding my breath. Consider that the NCAA tracks QB sacks, but doesn’t even provide that stat in any of the box scores to be found on their own web site.

Football Fumblings – A Look at Week 7 goings-on in College Football

The Commish doffs his battered cap to Southern Eagles, the high scorer last week in D1FFL.com’s college fantasy football. Southern, from Public League 7, got 54 points from his O unit, 39 points from his D and 16 from Special Teams. Next closest was 1st and 10 from PL 16 with 97 points, and Tebowmaniac represented PL 14 with 92 points for third place overall. The points are definitely getting tougher as we hit the middle of the year and conference rivals battle on a weekly basis.

With his great Week 7 score, Southern Eagles joins Han Soloists (PL 11) for the top overall scoring lead with 636 points each. That’s averaging a shade under 91 points per week! My Commish’s Team (PL 15) sits in third place with 619 points. Panthers (PL 14) is the only other player over 600 points at 602. Han Soloists carries the most points from his O units…462. That’s 72.6% of his total score! I’ve always felt a good O unit is about 2.5X more valuable than a good D unit, and a D is about 1.5X better than a ST unit. Yet, you need all 3 to do well to get to the top. Take yo lunch (PL 9) leads in D points with 180, which has helped to get to 6th place overall. Southern Eagles is the lone player with at least 100 points from ST play.

Baylor led all O units last week with 63 fantasy points, behind 7 TDs and 782 yards, despite 3 turnovers (2 INTs and 1 fumble lost) and 4 sacks. Arkansas State’s O garnered 60 points for their owners and Marshall’s O earned 58 fantasy points. Those 3 teams, plus Notre Dame, all got 7 offensive TDs. No other team got over 628 offensive yards, to give you an idea just how above the rest Baylor stood. Of the Top-10 O units last week, only Oregon and UTEP (who tied with 54 fantasy points) had no turnovers or sacks. Missouri’s O had the worst week of it, scoring a miserable -8 points. 5 turnovers, 3 sacks, no TDs and just 147 total yards. Yikes! NC State was the only other O unit under 0 at -4. That same Missouri squad scored the lowest below their average at -45 (-8 points, 37 ppg average). 55 teams scored fewer O points than they had been averaging. Eastern Michigan awoke from their season-long slumber to score an amazing 38 points better than their previous 6-week average (46 points compared to an average of 8 ppg). 48 teams fared better than their offensive norm.

The Blazers of UAB Defensive unit led the FBS division last week, scoring an impressive 40 fantasy points. Despite allowing 21 points, they scored 18 points of their own on 3 defensive TDs, gathered 5 turnovers (2 INTs and 3 fumbles), recorded 5 sacks and forced 4 punts. The Kentucky Wildcats were in second place with 39 fantasy D points. Everyone else was at 29 points or lower. Navy’s D unit was just a fumble recovery away from having entries in all 8 D categories. They allowed 8 points, scored a TD and a safety as well as picking off a pass. The also blocked a kick and got 2 sacks and forced 5 fumbles. Georgia’s D was the lone team pitching a shutout (of Missouri, in case you were wondering – see Missouri’s awful O week above). Clemson forced 12 punts on their way to a tie for 3rd last week, while Louisville forced 10 punts to land in 13th spot on the D points list. Yep, they played each other. 22 punts in a single game. 13 kicks got blocked last week, a number which is on the rise from prior weeks. Only UCLA and Old Dominion had D units that scored below zero last week – and both were at -1. UAB’s performance was also the highest above their average D score at +27. Kentucky was next at +20. Temple’s 9 points last week was 23 points below their previous average of 32.

Temple still retains their top position, however, averaging 28 D points per week. Mississippi is second with 24 and Louisville and TCU are tied for third, averaging 23 ppg. It’s difficult to tell that SMU was idle last week, ad their D unit averages zero points per week anyways.

TCU’s Special Teams topped the charts last week with 24 points. 7 PATs, 3 FGs (2 over 45 yards and none under 30), and 1 kick return for a TD. Not a bad line! Clemson scored 20 ST fantasy points to claim second place and Baylor gathered 19 to claim third. Alabama’s ST unit almost cost them the game, missing a FG attempt and losing 2 fumbles on returns. That poor performance was worth only -3 fantasy points. ‘Bama lost 40% of the fumbles on returns, as there were only 5 total. 7 teams scored on 2-point conversions. Troy’s ST unit overachieved to the tune of 15 fantasy points compared to their 6-week average. TCU was +14. Alabama and California were both -12 last week when compared to the average to which they were accustomed.

After 7 weeks, Utah’s Special Teams unit is still the one to have. Despite being idle last week, they average 18 fantasy points per week. Only Oklahoma State and West Virginia are close, each with a 14 ppg average. SMU, Tulane and Eastern Michigan are on the other end of that list, averaging 2 ppg.

UAB’s total team effort won the week, as the Blazers units combined for 93 points (45 O, 40 D and 8 ST). Arkansas St (60, 20, 10) and Miami (FLA) (55, 21, 14) tied with 90 points each for second position. Aforementioned Missouri was low team on the totem pole with -3 combined points (-8, 5, 0). Air Force scored 33 points, very evenly as their O, D and ST each got 11 fantasy points. Clemson scored 50 points very oddly, with just 1 from their O, 29 from the D and 20 from ST.

Two statistical things that I do with my scoring system that the NCAA does not, is I give credit to defenses for scoring points and don’t hold it against defenses if an opposing defense scores points. The NCAA just looks at Scoring Offense and Scoring Defense. Those 3 TDs scored by UAB’s defense last weekend? The NCAA lumps them together with the points the offense and special teams scored. OK, I get it that O and ST can be combined, as they are scored against an opposing defense. But defensive points scored? Pick-6’s, Scoop-and-Scores and safeties? Those are points scored by defenses and should not count either for a team’s offense or against a team’s defense. UAB beat North Texas 56-21, but North Texas’s defense only gave up 38 of those points. Why should they get penalized? The NCAA needs to separate out points scored defensively and attribute them to the rightful units. I’ll work on this over the upcoming week, and will show you how skewed the numbers become, both in points for and points against, when the NCAA looks at it as compared to reality.

Until then, enjoy the games and the atmosphere of college football as we really hit fall weather, fall colors, and fall smells.

The Commish

Shakedown Saturday Surprises!

Wow! Even though my personal favorite was one of the 5 Top-10 teams to tumble last weekend, it was an amazing week for football fans!

D1FFL.com’s players were busy racking up some points, although points seem to be harder to come by now that we’re getting into the meat of conference scheduling. Chrome Dogs from Public League 20 led all scorers last week with an even 100 points (59 O, 16D and 25 ST). Oregon (OCCU 2nd-Year League) was second with 97 points and Lucus (PL 18) came in 3rd with 93 points. 7 of the Top-50 scorers last week had the Florida State ST unit active to take advantage of those 25 points. 9 coaches had either Marshall, East Carolina or Mississippi St offenses on the field to top the O scoring with 59 points. Lucus and Gators (PL11) had Clemson’s D for 35 points to lead that category of scorers.

For the 6 weeks of 2014, Han Soloists (PL 11) is back on top with 573 points (424 O, 74 D and 75 ST). Han is the only player with over 400 points from O units as well as the only of the Top-14 with fewer than 100 points from D units. Gators (PL 9) is in second place overall with 549 points and my team (Commish’s Team – PL 15) is in third with 543. steelhead raiders (PL 14) is 10th overall, but leads in D with 168 points. take yo lunch (PL 9) ranks 6th overall but leads in ST points with 90.

Washington State Cougars. They will throw the ball. A lot. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Last weekend, it worked, statistically, as they amasses 812 total yards (most of any team) scored 8 TDs (most of any team) had NO turnovers or sacks, and scored 80 D1FFL points to lead the O unit category. Unfortunately, they also “Coug’ed” the game and lost to California. “Coug’ed It” is the West Coast version of “Clemsoning”. Kind of a Best Foods / Hellman’s thing. Of the Top-10 O units, East Carolina (t3 with 59 points) and Memphis (9th with 54 points) were the only other teams that didn’t give up the ball or allow a sack. UTEP’s -5 points for the weekend put the Miners in dead last place. NC State (-4), Tennessee (-3) and Wake Forest (-3) were all in the doghouse as well.

Baylor continues to run rampant, with the O scoring fantasy points at a 62 ppg clip. 7 points better than runner/passer up Texas A&M. SMU’s at least gotten on the positive side of the numbers, and is now an offensive juggernaut at 3 fantasy points per game.

Louisiana Tech eased past Clemson to score the most D fantasy points last week with 36. They only needed a safety to score in all 8 defensive categories. The Techsters allowed 3 points, scored a TD, got 3 INTs, recovered 2 fumbles, blocked a kick, recorded 3 sacks and forced 6 punts. California (-6) and Washington State (-3) were the underachievers defensively last week, but no surprise as they surrendered 119 points and 1400 yards! TCU’s defense scored 2 TDs while Louisville scored 2 of the week’s 3 safeties. 24 kicks were blocked last week, a season high. Utah (against UCLA) and Texas State (against Idaho) each recorded 10 sacks. West Virginia made Kansas punt a ridiculous 14 times!

Temple’s D unit continues atop the season-long stat sheet, averaging 32 fantasy ppg. TCU is running second at 26 ppg. SMU’s D unit is still running in the negative for the year with a total of -2 points, but at this point we can round up and say they are averaging zero.

As mentioned earlier, Florida State’s ST unit came out on top with 25 fantasy points. 4 PATs plus 5 FGs (none under 30 yards and 1 over 45 yards) will do that, along with no missed kicks and no fumbles on returns. California and West Virginia were tied for second with 24 points each. Eastern Michigan got -1 point, as they missed their only PAT attempt of the day and never got within FG distance. California returned 2 kicks for TDs. 4 teams had 1 fumble each while attempting to return kicks. Only 3 teams (Arizona State, Nevada and Kent State) made successful 2-point conversions after scoring TDs.

After 6 weeks, Utah’s ST unit remains atop the leaderboard, averaging 18 ppg. West Virginia and Oklahoma are tied for second averaging 14 ppg – and they’ve already played each other. Florida State’s kicking game and California’s dangerous returners have these 2 schools tied for 4th place with a 13 ppg average.

Adding up the high scores from each top unit of Week 6, I see 141 points from WSU’s O, Louisiana Tech’s D and Florida State’s ST. Still, Louisiana Tech was the highest scoring single team last week. When the O, D and ST numbers were added up, the Techsters got 99 fantasy points (49, 36, 14). Marshall was second at 94 points and Clemson and Washington State tied for third at 88. UTEP (who lost to Louisiana Tech 55-3) totaled -5 points while NC State (who lost to Clemson 41-0) only could manage -3 points total.

This coming week, Week 7, is the last one for a couple weeks that has the week beginning on Thursday. Week 8 and 9 both have games on Tuesday, so you’ll have to react quickly on Mondays to make lineup changes for any teams involved in Tuesday games.

Thanks for your interest in D1FFL.com…America’s newest and most unique College Fantasy Football game!

The Commish

Week 5 Bests, Worsts, and Musings

Lots of close games in Week 5, and lots of points scored by D1FFL’com’s College Fantasy Football players! Southern Eagles of Public League 7 won the week, scoring 117 points (69 O, 31 D and 17 ST). BSTOOPSISGOD, also from PL7, scored 101 points to finish in second place for the week and CPTKURK of PL 17 came in third at 100 to fill our winners’ podium.

After 5 weeks, the top D1FFL scorer is Gators (PL 9) with 484 points (338 O, 104 D and 42 ST). Hans Soloists (PL 11)  and Southern Eagles are tied for second with 481. My team (Commish’s Team from PL 15) is in a solid 4th place with 462 points.

Hans Soloists leads all players in O points with 365. steelhead raiders (PL 14) has the highest D total with 143, while Southern Eagles has a 1-point lead in ST points with 76.

Looking at how team units did last week, Colorado led the O units with 71 points, outgaining TCU and Michigan St with 69 each. Wake Forest trailed the division at -10 O points. SMU (-7), Vanderbilt (-5), Memphis (-4) and Purdue (-2) were all below nil-level. Colorado was also highest against their 4-week average at +39. No one else was over +30. Memphis was the biggest underachiever at -53.

Baylor remains the highest averaging O unit with 71 points per game. Texas A&M is next closest at 60. SMU alone remains below 0 at -3. All from Texas. Huh.

Looking at Defenses, Florida International led all D units with 39 points, thanks in part to forcing 6 turnovers. Temple ran a close second at 36 points. TCU sacked the opposing QB 10 times on their way to 34 fantasy points. Texas had the lone shutout of the week, and finished 10th with 28 D points. As you might expect, teams that gave up a lot of points were last on the week’s standings. Wyoming gave up 56 to Michigan St and scored -6 D points. Arizona St watched UCLA roll up 62 points and scored -5 D unit fantasy points. Florida International also had the hottest D unit last week, scoring 21 points over their 4-week average. South Alabama was second at +17. Arizona State’s D unit finished the week 21 points below their average.

Temple remains in the lead for the year, averaging 32 D points per game. TCU is second at 27 ppg. SMU trails with 0.

ST units were led by UCLA’s 21 point performance, which included 8 PATs, 2 FGs (one of which was 30-45 yards long) and a 100-yard kickoff return. Middle Tennessee St and Utah both got 17 ST points as the next-best units. Tulane alone was under zero at -2. The onslaught by UCLA was also the hottest unit of the week, scoring 15 points over their 4-week average. UTSA, Minnesota and South Alabama were all at +10 as the next closest ST units. Utah’s ST unit is the best point producer so far this season, averaging 18 fantasy points per game. No one else is higher than 13 points. SMU and Eastern Michigan are both on the other end of the rankings, averaging a mere point per game each.

Fumbles lost on punt and kickoff returns are way down this year, and Week 5 only saw 3 such occurrences. 2013 routinely saw weeks of 8 or more.

TCU got tope team honors last week with 109 total points (69 O, 34 D , 6 ST). LSU (101) and Michigan St (100) also topped out in triple-digits. SMU came in last, as seems to be their wont, failing to break 0 at -8.

It’s funny. You look at a final score and you figure you know a lot about the game by the final margin, did the game go into overtime, the teams involved. And, many times, you are right. For instance, Michigan State blows out Wyoming 56-14. In D1FFL fantasy points, Michigan St got a total of 100 from the 3 units while Wyoming got 6. TCU shuts out SMU 56-zip, and the fantasy points reflect the same, 109 to -8. Other games were close, such as the Georgia-Tennessee tilt, with Georgia winning 35-32, and the fantasy points are also close, with Georgia gaining a slight 59-55 edge. Texas State and Tulsa go triple-overtime with Texas St winning 37-34 and the fantasy points follow, 60-57. Cal went to 2OT to subdue Colorado 59-56, and the fantasy points reflect just how close the game was, 73-72. Bot, looking at other close games, it seems that the actual score was closer than the stats might indicate. Texas A&M took Arkansas in OT, 35-28, but the Aggies won the fantasy point battle 61-50. Kentucky took out Vanderbilt 17-7, but won the fantasy point battle 50-21. Air Force beat Boise St 28-14, but really won in fantasy points 63-28. And, finally, the reasons that the results of the game on the field matter more than fantasy stats. Missouri 21- South Carolina 20? SC “won” the fantasy points, 46-45. Utah beat Washington State in fantasy points 55-51, but the Cougars won the game 28-27. UTSA scored 7 more fantasy points than Florida Atlantic, 60-53, but FAU won the game 41-37.

Week 4: Winners and Not-So-Winners

Woo Pig from Public League 12 won the Week 4 individual competition, scoring 114 fantasy points (77 O, 28 D and 9 ST). Lucus (PL 10) was second at 111 points (67, 43, 1) and 1st and 10 (PL 15) came in 3rd and goal with 110 points (77, 28, 5). Redzone Condors (PL 14), steelhead raiders (PL 14) and take yo lunch (PL 9) all finished at 100 points or above last week. Nicely done!

For the 4-week totals, Hans Soloists(PL 11) leads the pack with a combined 395 points (Hans also has the highest O total with 301). Gators (PL 9) is running in second place with 391 total points, and I, Commish’s Team (PL 15) am third at 377. Steelhead raiders (T14th overall) has the most D points at 114, while it looks like Southern Eagles (PL 7 and 5th overall) has the highest ST points at 59. As league games begin, I notice that scoring is dropping off slightly and we no longer have anyone averaging 100 points per week.

Looking at the team unit numbers from Week 4:

East Carolina blew away the competition (and the Tarheels) by scoring 81 O fantasy points. Heck, they scored 70 actual points! Well, that’s not quite true as their D scored a TD. But, still, 9 TDs and 789 total yards rolled up some points, huh? Michigan State and Wisconsin were each a few points behind, scoring 77 for their fantasy owners. Sparty scored 10 TDs on lowly Eastern Michigan, while the Badgers scored 9 TDs on 756 yards. Georgia (4th with 69 points) and Rice (9th with 57) were the only 2 O units that had no turnovers (ints or fumbles lost) AND allowed no sacks! That’s pretty much a perfect line for an Offensive unit to shoot for. On the other hand, Florida International scored no TDs, managed to gain just 205 yards, lost 3 turnovers and allowed 6 sacks to score -4 points for the week.  Michigan’s O unit got exactly 4 points for their effort against Utah.

The Mean Green of North Texas went the most above and beyond last week, scoring 67 O points while their previous Week 3 average was 14. That’s 53 points above their average! Fresno State’s 67 points were 47 above their previous average of 20 points per game. Utah’s potent offense was held I check, scoring just 12 fantasy points…49 below their previous average.

After 4 weeks, Baylor (who was idle in Week 4) remains the top overall offense with an average of 73 fantasy points per game. Texas A&M is second with an average of 63 ppg. Arizona St (also idle last week) is running in third spot at 57 ppg and the Fighting Ducks of Oregon are 4th at 56. SMU is still averaging -2 points per week!

On the Defensive side of the ball, North Texas was killer last week, scoring 51 unit fantasy points! They only allowed 3 points, scored a couple TDs of their own (so, technically, North Texas’ Defense won by the score of 12-3), picked off 3 passes, blocked 2 kicks, forced 10 punts and sacked the quarterback 10 times! That is a load of whup-ass! Temple’s D dominated their game against an FCS opponent and garnered 43 fantasy points for their owners. The Owls also scored twice, got 4 turnovers and blocked a kick. Duke and Louisville each scored 37 points with their D units. Duke was the only other D unit to score 2 TDs (and one of only 2 D units to score a safety). After North Texas’ 10 sacks, Cincinnati and Texas A&M each had 8. Wisconsin led the pack with 11 punts forced. Troy’s D fared much, much worse. They gave up 66 points and did nothing else defensively except force 3 punts for a whopping -9 fantasy score. Eastern Michigan kept Troy Company with -8 points, as did SMU at 7. Bowling Green, North Carolina and Northern Illinois all scored -4 points with their D units. Massachusetts and Old Dominion each got zapped at -1 to round out the list of units who lost points for their owners last week.

North Texas’ D unit also was the best of the week at scoring fantasy points above their previous average, with 33 points higher than their previous 18 ppg rate. Fresno State was second in this category at +29 for the week, and Duke and Louisville were both +21. The North Carolina Tarheels got stuck in the mud last week, 28 points lower than their previous average.

After 4 weeks, Temple’s D unit has risen to the top of the pack, averaging 31 ppg. Mississippi State’s D is third at 25 ppg, and Mississippi is tied for 4th with Oklahoma and TCU at 24 ppg. Troy’s and SMU’s D units are both averaging 0 fantasy points per game.

Utah’s ST unit went wild last weekend, scoring 25 fantasy points with 2 PATs, 4 FGs made (2 over 45 yards and none under 30), returning a kick for a TD and missing one kick. Vanderbilt and Wisconsin tied for second with 20 fantasy points each. Appalachian State and Eastern Michigan each were at the other end of the spectrum, scoring -2 fantast ST point. Vanderbilt led with 2 kicks returned for TDs. Virginia Tech scored the only 2-point conversion.

Vandy’s ST unit led in points over average. They had been averaging 0 ppg, so their 20 this week put them at +20. Wisconsin was second at +14 and Florida Atlantic came in 3rd at +13. San Diego State and Kansas State each had a very off week, scoring -12 points below their ST average.

After 4 weeks, Utah leads with an average of 19 fantasy ST points per game. Georgia and TCU are closest with 14 ppg each. Kent State is dead last, averaging exactly 0.

If you were to take the best unit from each unit type, you would have scored 157 points. North Texas had the best week when you combine the 3 units from a single team, as they scored 135 D1FFL fantasy points (67 O, 51 D and 17 ST). Wisconsin was second with 120 combined points and Michigan State ran a close third with 119. Troy was on the “not-so-much” end with a total of -8 fantasy points.

After Week 4, Baylor remains the team to beat, averaging 103 fantasy points per week (73 O, 23 D and 7 ST). The Aggies of Texas A&M are in second place with an average of 95 points, and Michigan State and Utah are tied for third with 84 ppg averages. SMU is averaging exactly zip each week, when you consider their 3 units together.

Registration is closed for D1FFL Second-Chance leagues, and no more leagues will be forming for the rest of the season. Those who did register in time and joined Second-Chance leagues will be starting play this coming week. Be sure to go back in, see which units you drafted, and set an active roster by moving one of each unit type off the bench (Reserves) and onto the field. Perhaps I’ll be singing your praises right here next week.

The Commish


Which shutout is best?

This past weekend, 3 FBS teams threw shutouts against their opponents. Georgia blanked Troy 66-0, NC State zipped Presbyterian 42-0 and Temple blanked Delaware St 59-0. Which is the best shutout?

Georgia was the only one of the three who played another FBS opponent, so that’s one in the Bulldogs’ favor.

Georgia’s Deffense scored the most TDs (8), rolled up the most yardage (547), and didn’t throw an interception, lose a fumble or get sacked. NC State got 6 TDs on 460 yards with 1 sack, and Temple managed 5 TDs on 351 yards with 2 picks. From the D1FFL Fantasy points viewpoint, Georgia’s O got 69 fantasy points, compared to NC State’s 53 and Temple’s 40. Advantage Bulldogs, again.

Temple’s Defense scored 2 TDs, picked off 3 passes and recovered 1 fumble, blocked a punt, sacked the opposing QB twice and forced 9 punts, while allowing just 93 total yards of offense. Georgia’s D gave up 216 yards, got a pick and recovered a fumble, got 2 sacks and forced 8 punts. NC State’s D surrendered 252 yards while forcing 7 punts, recovering a fumble and getting 3 sacks. Regarding D1FFL Fantasy points, Temple got 43 points, compared to Georgia’s 24 and NC State’s 22. Point to Temple.

Georgia and Temple both scored a TD in the return game. NC State did not.

Temple’s opponent never even got off an attempt at a FG, while Georgia’s and NC State’s foes at least attempted on FG each.

Georgia’s ST scored 19 D1FFL points, compared to Temple’s 17 and NC State’s 6.

In terms of the Offense imposing their will upon an opponent, Georgia, won the battle hands down. In terms of a Defense completely shutting down an opposing offense, Temple gets the nod. Overall, I would have to give the kudos to Georgia, not because of the largest margin of victory, but because of the relative quality of the FBS opponent, as considered against the FCS opponents bested by Temple and NC State. Temple’s shutout was a great one; I’m not taking anything away from their domination on the defensive side. NC State’s shutout was perhaps more of a surprise, as their D hasn’t slowed down much of anything beforehand.

Week 3: Who’s on Top?

The Top individual scorer in D1FFL.com last weekend was Woo Pig, of Public League #12, who got a total of 115 points (80 O, 32 D and 3 ST). Good thing he slacked off on the ST scoring, or we’d all be way, way behind! Woo chose Baylor’s powerful offense and Mississippi State’s Defense. 11 different teams had ST units that scored 3 points, so that choice will remain a mystery. steelhead raiders (PL #14)  and irish ( PL #11) each scored 111 points to tie for second high score for the week. A total of 9 players posted scores of 100 or better. I was way down the list in 25th spot with a mere 75 points.

After 3 weeks, panther (PL #14) has the high total score with 309 points. BSTOOPSISGOD (wonder who HE roots for?) is a scant 2 points behind at 307, with Han Soloists (PL #11) in third at 301 points. Southern Eagles (PL #7) and Gators (PL #9) both have 295, and are the only other players with a higher point total than my 291. Congratulations to all!

Baylor’s O scored 9 TDs, rolled up 669 yards of total offense and scored 80 D1FFL Fantasy points to lead the offensive units. Ohio State (74 points) also scored 9 TDs. Washington State “only” had 8 TDs, but also gained 705 yards in offense to post 71 points for the O, while Cincinnati finally got into the game after not playing the first 2 weeks, and put up 70 O points. Kent State (Ohio State’s opponent) had an offense that didn’t score, only managed 126 yards of offense, turned the ball over 3 times and got sacked 4 times for a very offensive total of -5 points. South Alabama was the only other team below 0 with -1.

After 3 weeks, the best O Unit remains Baylor, averaging 73 O points per game. Cincinnati is second with 70, but that’s just after the one game for the Bearcats. Texas A&M (64 points per game), Utah (61 ppg) and Oregon (60 PPG) round out the Top 5. SMU’s offense is averaging -3.5 points per game after 2 lopsided contests.

On the Defensive side of things, last week’s top performing D Unit was Utah State, only giving up 18 points while scoring 2 TDs themselves. The Aggies also picked up 3 turnovers, got 8 sacks and forced 7 punts on the way to a wonderful 37 D points. Boise State’s D was second with 36 points and Ohio State, Washington and Oklahoma all tied for 3rd with 33 D points each. Buffalo’s D unit got a hurt put on them and rewarded their owners with -8 points. Kent State (-6) was next-to-last, and the Wall of Shame also notes Wyoming and Toledo (-5 each), Southern Miss (-4), Georgia State (-3), Texas Tech (-2) and New Mexico State, Ohio and Louisiana-Lafayette (all with -1) as teams that got put in the deep freeze (below 0).

Pittsburgh managed to get 2 safeties over the weekend. Florida Atlantic came closest to getting numbers in all 8 defensive categories, missing out only on blocking a kick. Washington, Boise State, Utah State and Vanderbilt each scored 2 Defensive TDs. Penn State’s D intercepted 5 passes while Maryland recovered 3 fumbles. TCU got 3 picks and 2 fumbles to tie Penn State for most turnovers caused in the week. Rutgers (Penn State’s opponent last week) blocked 2 kicks. Utah State and Boise State each recorded 8 sacks to lead that category while Nebraska and Hawaii each forced their opponents to punt 13 times.

At the Week 3 juncture, Mississippi State’s D Unit is the top contributor, averaging 29 points per game. The Oklahoma Sooners Defense are just a step behind with a 27 ppg average. Florida and Temple are tied for 3rd at 26 ppg and Virginia rounds out the Top 5 with 25 ppg. Fresno State is the lone D unit that is worse than nothing, averaging -2 ppg.

The Maryland ST unit was the tops of the group last week, scoring 23 points on 4 PATs, 3 FGs (2 mid-length and 1 over 45 yards) and also returning a kick for a TD. Next closest was Nebraska’s ST unit with 19 points. Arkansas State’s ST unit couldn’t get out of their own way, scoring 2 PATs but missing 3 kicks for a -1 point performance.

Utah’s ST Unit leads after 3 weeks, averaging 16 points per game. Nebraska, TCU, Florida and Florida State all are tied for 2nd place with an average of 14 points per game. Vanderbilt, Kent State and SMU are all at the bottom of the barrel, averaging exactly 0 (that’s zero) points per game.

In Week 3, 5 teams scored on a 2-point conversion. 13 teams converted on FG attempts of over 45 yards (remember, that scores 5 points per make). 3 teams (Maryland, Nebraska and Old Dominion) returned kicks for TDs. Arkansas State, Houston and Utah State ST units each missed 3 FG or PAT attempts. 7 teams lost a fumble on a kick return.

Adding up each of the 3 best units for Week 3 totaled 140 points. However, if you were to go with one college team, and take all 3 of their units for Week 3, which one would be best? The Ohio State Buckeyes, that’s who! They scored a total of 120 D1FFL points (74 O, 33 D and 13 ST) over last weekend. Baylor (104 points) and Washington State (103) were also above 100.

After 3 weeks, the best of each unit averages (Baylor’s O, Mississippi State’s D and Utah State’s ST) would total an average of 118 points per game. If you were to just take a single team, Baylor would be the one, averaging a total of 103 points per week (73 O, 23 D and 7 ST). Utah (97 points per week), Florida (94), Texas A&M (92) and Nebraska (86) complete our Top 5. SMU is averaging exactly 0 points per week after combining all 3 units! Eastern Michigan, Kent State and Fresno State are closest, each averaging 20 points per week.

Remember, from here on out, schedules get harder and teams take weeks off, so I’m not suggesting you go “All In” on any of these teams. But, you are the CEO of your Fantasy team, so if you want to go “Hog Wild” on Arkansas, “Zipping” along with Akron or “Hilltopping” with Western Kentucky, go right ahead and enjoy the season!

This coming weekend marks the end of enrolling in 2nd-chance leagues, with the automated draft occurring overnight between Saturday (20th) and Sunday (21st). If you want, you can still join a league before then, so give it a try. I might be talking about YOU as one of the top scorers of the week!

Week 2 Wonderings

Starting with the individual achievements; Week 2 saw the Gators team from Public League #9 lead all scorers with 133 points (86 O, 39 D and 8 ST). I didn’t do too badly myself, finishing 2nd in the week with 127 points in Public League #15. Han Soloists (121 pts, Public League #11), BSTOOPSISGOD (115 pts, Public League #7) and hawks (111 pts, Public League #14) rounded out the Top 5.

Looking at the 2-week total points, I am looking down at the crowd, atop the standings with 218 points. Some familiar names are in 2nd – BSTOOPSISGOD (203), 4th – Han Soloists (199) and 5th – hawks (196). The lone newcomer is the 3rd-ranked Panthers (202 points) from Public League #14.

Looking at the scoring for team units, one would think that, when an offense scores 10 or more touchdowns in a single game, the team would be at or near the top of point production for the week. One would be right. Georgia Southern scored an even dozen TDs against very hapless FCS opponent Savannah State (they even THREW for one of the last scores, but that’s another argument for another day), racked up almost 700 total yards, and “only” scored 99 fantasy points for the week to lead the 128 FBS team units. Baylor (86 points), Arkansas (85 points) and Texas A&M (79 points) each scored 10 TDs and rolled for 630 yards or more to continue the slaughter. The opponents? In order – Northwestern State, Nicholls, and Lamar. Yep, all FCS patsies collecting a paycheck. Where was Florida State? They were playing the Citadel…why didn’t they rack up huge numbers? They were up 28-0 at the half and “settled” for 3 field goals in the second half – each while the ball was at the 5, the 10 and the 7. They knew, and Citadel knew, who would win. They took their foot off the throttle in a nice show of sportsmanship. Eastern Michigan was the only O unit that cost an owner points, totaling -6 in their exercise in futility.

Florida’s Defense stood tallest over the weekend, shutting out their opponent (Eastern Michigan), scoring a defensive TD, snagging an interception and 4 fumbles, garnering 3 sacks and forcing 10 punts for a total of 39 points. Houston shut out FCS foe Grambling State and got 38 points for the effort. Clemson and Appalachian State’s defensive units each earned their owners 35 points. Notre Dame’s D showed up to shut out Michigan’s O in the most impressive shutout of the day. Oklahoma State blocked 3 kicks – a punt, a field goal and an extra point. New Mexico and Buffalo each got 2 blocks. Clemson’s D scored on an interception return and got a safety as well – the only defensive unit to score both ways. Illinois’ defense gave up 28 points, but offset that by scoring on both a fumble and an interception return. Eastern Michigan’s D unit lost points (-7 to be exact), with Old Dominion (-4), San Jose St (-4), Fresno St (-3) and Florida Atlantic (-1) all on the negative side of the ledger.

The Special Teams spotlight focuses on North Texas, who got 4 extra points and 5 field goals to score 23 points to lead the week. Houston was second with 20 while Florida scored 18. 5 other teams hit 17 points each. It was a “Good Hands” week, as only 3 teams lost fumbles on either kickoff or punt returns. Two of the Michigan schools, Eastern Michigan and Michigan, scored -2 ST points.

Putting together the top units in each category – Georgia Southern, Florida and North Texas – would have given the prescient owner a total of 161 points! Rodney Dangerfield would’ve just stuck with Eastern Michigan in all 3 categories to total -15 points. Georgia Southern’s 3 units had the best single-team total of 134. Clemson (126) and Florida (125) were right behind. Eastern Michigan trailed the pack with the aforementioned -15 points. Florida Atlantic managed to lose a point amongst their 3 units.

Baylor leads all teams in total points after 2 weeks with 208. Texas A&M is the only other team over the 200-point threshold at 205. SMU’s O, D and ST have a stellar (cellar?) total of 0 points after 2 weeks. Cincinnati’s also at 0 points, but the Bearcats haven’t played yet.

3 teams from Texas lead the offensive Points Per Game chart. Texas State (who rested last week) leads with 77 points from their one game played. Texas A&M is averaging 73 ppg in 2 contests and Baylor is 3rd with 70 ppg.

The Defensive units making the biggest noise are Florida (just one game with 39 points), Mississippi State (averaging 28 ppg) and Baylor (27 ppg). 2 SEC teams…just what you might expect.

Florida also leads the pack in ST points per game (again, after only playing 1 game) with 18. Arizona Wildcats are 2nd with 17 ppg and Utah is 3rd with 16. 2 of the 3 are Pac-12 teams. Don’t know what conclusion to draw here.

Second-chance leagues are still forming (automatic draft is the weekend of Sept 20-21), so you still have about 11 days to get in on the action. D1FFL.com remains completely FREE to play, whether in a Public League or on a Private League. Get a few friends together (minimum league size is just 7 players) and give it a try!